Tuning In & Being Disciplined

I’m back! I know, long time no write :( Let’s just say I’ve not been very good at keeping up with this. I haven’t been very disciplined at keeping this current…

For the last couple months I’ve been struggling. This year has gone so fast & I’ve been so busy with life: Family, surgery, moving, soccer, church, travel, blah, blah, blah. No excuses, I haven’t been tuning in to God through all the noise of daily life. Or if I HAVE tuned in, I haven’t been obedient to what I’ve heard. And then I wonder why I’m struggling!

Today, as I was reading through my daily devotional(Rick Warren’s on my YouVersion Bible App), the verse was Job 33:14 which says “For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it”. I thought, ok this is for me & I need to be obedient to what God’s telling me & teaching me. He’s been rapping on my head about being tuned in & disciplined, not just in my relationship with Him, but throughout multiple areas in my life. By me NOT doing that I’ve stopped growing & I’m not being the man that He intended me to be. Ouch! That stings…

He’s spoken to me through songs, scripture, Sunday teachings, and through the words of the people in my life. He’s presented me with these blessings that I’ve missed or ignored! But the GREAT thing is that He’s a God of grace & mercy!!! And He loves me unconditionally!!!

So now it’s my turn to be disciplined in my actions, to sift through the “Noise” of life and be tuned in to Him! I’m thankful for the lessons I learn, sometimes the hard way, that build my character or stretch me as a person, it means I’m growing….

Have you been tuned in? Or tuned out?

God Bless!


Back To The Grind

Wow! Talk about a reality check…….

I started playing last week in the GSS league here in Myrtle Beach. It was fun, but I took a serious beating in goal! Our team did great for the first time playing together but I felt my “list” of weaknesses that need to be strength’s grow like Jack’s bean stalk….LOL :)

I came home bloodied, bruised, and with a nice goose egg on my head from a collision with the opposing teams player while going for the ball. My wife just shook her head at me…… She knows me well enough now that I don’t do anything with just a toe in the water, I’m ALL in!

I look at playing Keeper like I look at how I’m trying to live my life for Christ.

  1. Win or Lose, God gets the Praise & Glory
  2. It has to be ALL or nothing
  3. It’s about SACRIFICE
  4. It’s about leaving it ALL on the field
  5. It’s about serving, NOT being served

I found a great creed, from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes that I’ll post here. It’s so cool how God can ue us in EVERY situation, even playing soccer!

I want to wish everyone safe travels and a appy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. :)


God Bless,